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About Us

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We Haul All Your Junk Away!

Universal Junk Removal is committed to quality junk removal service, that’s why we’ve hired the most experienced trash removal workers in the business.

We believe you deserve a junk-free life!

At Universal Junk Removal, we think you deserve a junk-free life! Our family-owned and operated junk removal company wants to help people and businesses like you haul away unnecessary junk. Whether you operate a Fortune-500 company, a local business or an organized homeowner, we all gather clutter and junk.

If you’re contending with a large tower of unneeded items and want them out of your sight, our junk removal services are perfect for you! For residential, commercial and office junk, we can take care of hauling messes including yard waste, electronics equipment, furniture, tires, carpeting, and so much more.

For heavier items, since they require more labor and equipment to lift and transport, ensure you let your junk removal coordinator know if you have any heavy items. Save your time and energy and schedule your junk removal today

Services You Can Trust & Rely On

Universal Junk Removal is ready to help you remove all your unwanted junk! We provide a wide range of solutions, so if you need a bin rental or full-service junk removal, we’re here to help. Our team of licensed and insured professionals will take care of all your junk removal needs.

We have been offering our services to local residents with great feedbacks. We focus on professional Junk Removal Company which provides the best rated Junk removal services and welcome you to use our services.

How Our Service Works

For more information on the various types of junk, we can remove for you, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (800) 763-9693 or get in touch with us.

Get Quote

We will provide a real time estimate by inspecting the real time scenario.


Start Junk Removal

Once the estimate is complete, we will schedule a day and time to remove your junk.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

We will conduct a final walk-through of the site and confirm that all identified junk was removed to the customer’s satisfaction.


Why Universal Junk Removal?

During the junk removal process, we will send trucks and crew members for as many days as the project is scheduled to last. One crew member will be the on-site project manager, should you have any comments, questions or concerns about this process.

Trucks which generally hold twice the volume of other junk hauling companies.

So, if there is an overflow, we can easily handle the space requirement without sending-out another truck or making our customer wait for another truck.

Crews who know how to protect your home and other property from damage.

Our care helps Universal to donate more furniture. That helps us keep more goods out of the landfill.

Crews are also trained to drive a variety of vehicles.

Our crews can drive anything from small, box trucks, used in densely packed cities, to large 53” tractor trailers. Universal’s training helps our corporate clients with large jobs. We even drive flatbeds to accommodate unusual loads.

We Collect Your Junk So You Don't Have To!

Welcome to Universal Junk Removal. We take all the junk from your life and give you space. 

Universal Junk Removal will pick up your unwanted items and get you back to living the life you live comfortably. Our work crews are fast and efficient, so we are able to ensure timely pickups and still be able to provide each customer with the same exceptional service.

Hear From People

I am extremely happy with Universal Junk Removal service. Their team is very available and provides high level customer service. I always receive quality work with no issues. Recently, my home was cleaned of old furniture and garbage. The professionals at Universal Junk Removal made sure that all items were removed safely, sanitized and securely taken away from my home before they left.

- Brandon

I've been a customer of Universal Junk Removal for years, and have been pleased with the quality of their work. I've never had a bad experience and have always found their prices to be very competitive. It's easy to navigate the site because of its clear layout and well-written content. They offer a very simple point-and-click method that is intuitive enough for anyone to understand.

- Rosaline

I've been working with Universal Junk Removal for a few months now and I'm happy with the service I'm getting. They've done everything from moving my mother-in-law's furniture to movers that are coming to help me move, and they always come through. The guys are always on time, professional, and very friendly. I definitely recommend them!

- Sharon