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  • Appliance Removal & Disposal
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  • Piano Removal & Disposal
  • Furniture Removal & Disposal
  • Estate Cleanouts
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  • Mattress Removal & Disposal
  • Garbage Removal
  • Yard Waste Removal
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Universal Junk Removal

No one likes dealing with unwanted materials & used goods which no longer serve a purpose. Universal Junk Removal, however, is ready and able to help you resolve problems created by unwanted items. We will always try to donate first, then recycle or recover the resource(s) your unwanted items are made of.



Benefits of Choosing Universal Junk Removal

Universal Junk Removal is a complementary service to our heritage business of Universal Movers LLC. We use clean trucks, designed to move furniture, and trained crews who meet the quality standards of national van lines.

The unique standards we provide our customers include:

  1. Trucks which generally hold twice the volume of other junk hauling companies. So, if there is an overflow, we can easily handle the space requirement without sending-out another truck or making our customer wait for another truck.
  2. Crews who know how to protect your home and other property from damage. Our care helps Universal to donate more furniture. That helps us keep more goods out of the landfill.
  3. Crews are also trained to drive a variety of vehicles. Our crews can drive anything from small, box trucks, used in densely packed cities, to large 53” tractor trailers. Universal’s training helps our corporate clients with large jobs. We even drive flatbeds to accommodate unusual loads.

Universal Junk Removal Promise

Our mission is to help clear the space in your home, office or plant and create a cleaner and more productive environment. Our junk removal cost is based on a few metrics such as volume, weight and includes travel, labor, transport and disposal and/or recycling.

Today, we know that in our industry we have a responsibility to our planet. That’s why we’re ensuring that 70-80% of all removed content will be reused and/or donated. Giving you one more reason to choose us as your junk haulers. We arrive on time, and respect your space, time, home and belongings. We are fully licensed and insured.


Why Universal Junk Removal?

Besides our promise and respectful service?

We want to help relieve the burden that excessive amounts of junk can cause. When you’re living with clutter, sometimes the best remedy is to start with a clean slate, and we want to help.

Let us help you clean out your home, office or plant today. Fill out our free quote form or call us at (800) 763-9693.